60 Days In [series]

Dog the Bounty Hunter [series]

Parking Wars [series]

Monster In-Laws [series]

Disaster Diary: The Photos of 9/11

Family Plots [series]

Combat Diary: The Marines of Lima Company

Fix This Kitchen [series]

King of Cars [series]

Bearing Witness

Meet the Royals [series]

Take This Job.... [series]

The Bible Rules [series]

Beauty in a Jar

Biography [series]

MovieReal [series]

The Governor's Wife [series]

2017 Academy Awards


Comic Book Men [series]

Small Town Security [series]

America's Most Badass [series]

Catfishin' Kings [series]

Dr. K: Exotic Animal ER [series]

Night Hours [series]

Restoration Wild [series]

Swamp'd! [series]

Risk Takers [series]

Real Housewives of New Jersey [series]

Real Housewives of Atlanta [series]

A Night With My Ex [series]

Southern Charm Savannah [series]

Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List [series]

Manzo'd With Children [series]

Nine By Design [series]

The Fashion Show [series]

The Rachel Zoe Project [series]

Thicker Than Water [series]

Wrestling With Death [series]

Vanderpump Rules [series]

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert [series]

The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation [series]


The Daily Show With Trevor Noah [series]

The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore [series]

Carfellas [series]

Clash of the Ozarks [series]

Arctic Rescue [series]

Flu Time Bomb

Lifeline [series]

E! News Live [series]

Famously Single [series]

New Money [series]

Boy Meets Grill [series]

Hell's Kitchen [series]

American Grit [series]

College Football

Tiny House Nation [series]

Vice News Tonight

Game Change

Big Love [series]

Too Hot Not To Handle

Autopsy [series]

Happy to Be Nappy and Other Stories of Me
[2004 Emmy Award Winner]

Inside The NFL

Making The Cut

HBO Promos

Battle On The Block [series]
(main title theme)

Home By Novogratz [series]

Alone [series]

Pawn Stars [series]

Cajun Pawn Stars [series]

American Restoration [series]

Counting Cars [series]

United Stats of America [series]
(main title theme)

Forged In Fire [series]

Stealing Lincoln's Body

Chasing Tail [series]

Who Really Discovered America?

United Stuff of America [series]

Rivermen [series]

Search For The Lost Giants [series]

American Occult [series]

Evil Twins [series]

FBI Criminal Pursuit [series]

Ice Cold Killers [series]

Indie Sex [series]

Dance Moms [series]

Project Runway [series]

Project Runway Junior [series]

Bring It [series]

Pretty Little Weddings [series]

Escaping Polygamy [series]

Together: Stop Violence Against Women

True Life [series]

Exiled [series]

Bid and Destroy [series]

Diggers [series]

National Geographic's Taboo [series]

Saturday Night Live [series]

The Voice [series]

Last Call With Carson Daily [series]

Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris [series]

American Experience: The Gilded Age

American Experience: Walt Whitman

American Experience: Kit Carson

American Experience: Grand Central

American Experience: Las Vegas: An Unconventional History

American Experience: Seabiscuit

Wide Angle: Time For School (2003)

Wide Angle: Back To School (2006)

Reporting America at War

Patsy Mink: Ahead of the Majority

Human Resources [series]

G Word [series]

Oddities [series]

Oddities: San Francisco [series]

Junkies [series]

The Circus [series]

Kidding [series]

Running In Heels [series]

Be Good Johnny Weir [series]

Say Yes To The Dress [series]

What The Sell?! [series]

Baby Changes Everything [series]

Final Cut: The Making and Unmaking of 'Heaven's Gate'

Adam Ruins Everything [series]

Almost Genius [series]

Haunting Evidence [series]

Rich and Reckless [series]

The Investigators [series]

The Innocence Project

6 Months to Live: Richardson v. Missouri

Making News Texas Style [series]

Making News Savannah Style [series]

Black Ink Crew [series]

America's Next Top Model [series]

Mob Wives [series]

Big Ang [series]

Family Therapy With Dr. Jenn [series]

I Want To Work For Diddy [series]

Miami Monkey [series]

Let's Talk About Pep [series]

I Married... [series]

Little Miss Perfect [series]

Joseph Had A Little Overcoat
Hondo and Fabian
Inch by Inch
Leonardo The Terrible Monster
Noah's Ark
Stars, Stars, Stars
Too Many Tamales
Why Don't You Get a Horse, Sam Adams?

Feature films and documentaries:

Game Change
Valentino: The Last Emperor
Inglourious Basterds
Bad Blood: A Cautionary Tale
G.I. Jews